Vendor Spotlight: Holly Bryan Desgins

Tell us about your art. What products and/or services do you offer?
I offer artistic and unique floral design for events, weekly service for home, office, retail, and hospitality, planted containers for indoors and outside, and decked halls for the holidays.

When did you start your company, and why?
officially started 2009. I was working for another florist for a few years before that and decided it was time to do it on my own. I knew I wanted to be my own boss!

What do you think you do best?
I would say attention to detail is my strong suit. I am a perfectionist and just cannot settle for anything that isn't just exactly right!

What 3 words best describe your product/service/company?
Creative, unique, bespoke

Who and/or what inspires you? 
I am inspired by nature and by my daughter.

What makes your business different?
I do! I have a background in fine art and apply the academic training I received (BFA in painting at UGA) to my designs. I enjoy looking at flowers as another medium, like paint or clay, to create this art form, the arrangement. Floral design fills the need to make art!

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
The usual things I suppose! Spending time with my family, gardening, yoga, and exploring all the new and exciting things happening in our city!

What would be your ideal date night?
Honestly, I like the idea of a surprise like Society 414! I think the mystery that surrounds the date night is intriguing and exposes couples to activities that they might not have done before. People who think they are in a rut would definitely benefit from this unique experience.

What are you hoping to get out of the Society 414 experience?
I am hoping to get to collaborate with new vendors and make new friends and connections. Of course, gaining a new client would be an added bonus!

 Holly Bryan Designs

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