True Character, Chopin Vodka

Society 414's roaring date night was the "cats meow" as the featured libation was compliments of Chopin Vodka   Simple ingredients - lemon juice, sugar, and this exquisite vodka, was the giggle water for the evening as guests mingled, danced, and had a grand time at the Venetian.

An estate-distilled vodka by the Dorda family in Podlasie, Poland, Chopin vodka are farm-to-bottle vodkas starting in the fields from the purest single ingredients: potato, rye and wheat. There is a difference in the character of their vodka -handcrafted in the traditional way through methods passed down for generations. Every part of the Chopin process is done by hand – from the harvest to fermentation, distilling and bottling. They use copper column steel to preserve the natural aromas and finish for their vodka. The Chopin Vodka portfolio includes Chopin Potato, Chopin Rye, and Chopin Wheat.

Chopin has true character. This is a genuine family, with personality, making an authentic spirit in Podlasie, Poland, a pristine agricultural region with history and rustic charm. The Dorda family prides itself on the use of the Chopin potato in the process of making the vodka as the Chopin Potato has true creaminess from high starch content making it delightful to your taste buds.