Vendor Spotlight: ZOA Photo

Zoa is an incredible photographer who has the ability to capture once and a lifetime moments. We were so glad to have her come and be a part of our Glamping Date Night. She truly captured the essence of what Society 414 is all about - enjoying a unique and enjoyable evening with that important someone. Zoa, through her images, told the story of the evening: the decor, the food and the unquestionable good time had by all.

Zoa got her degree in Commercial  Photography in 2008 and has been a full time photographer & business owner ever since. Her first 6 years of work consists of mainly weddings. She have shot almost 200 weddings and am extremely experienced in the field, "I can make beautiful portraits on the most important day of most people’s lives in 25 minutes or less as well as share my unique point of view of candid moments that sometimes happen once in a lifetime."

ZOA Photo