Vendor Spotlight: Ten23 Designs

Ten23 Designs contributed immensely to our Fresh Launch event by providing us with specialty decor and props for our photo booth. Ten23 Designs creates custom event decor using wood, acrylic and vinyl. Most of the wood and acrylic elements are either laser cut or cut freehand. Some of their specialties includes dance floor and element enhancement decals, cake toppers, table numbers, centerpiece elements and large backdrop and prop signage. Keep reading to learn more about this incredible artist!

Meet Lauren:

Lauren Atwaters is the owner and founder of Ten23 Designs.She started her company in 2008 shortly after she got married and created many of her own decor elements. She saw the need for personalized touches that could be customized to the specific event style and also be affordable. With the encouragement of some industry professionals, she continued to push to the next level... one amazing event at a time.

We interviewed Lauren to find out what inspires her, what separates Ten23 Designs from the rest, and what she does best.

Society 414 - What do you think you do best?

Lauren - I'd have to say, BELIEVE! I believe that there is nothing that cannot be created. I believe that there is nothing I cannot do (given the right amount of time... and sometimes the right help). I believe that GOD is the ultimate designer and I have his DNA... I believe. You cannot really go wrong if you just believe.

Society 414- What 3 words best describe you?

Lauren - Passionate, Inventive, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious <--- Some may think this was a waste of a word... but I couldn't think of a better word than one that Mary Poppins, who is practically perfect in every way made up herself. *clicks my heels*

Society 414 - Who and/or what inspires you? 

Lauren - There are so many talented entrepreneurs I have met that inspire me. This industry is filled with so many talented people that pour their hearts into their work and it inspires me to do the same.
I am also inspired by my dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt said, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” - Not to mention I often dream about designs AND when I am stumped on the construction of a project, I usually dream of the solution. Yes, I am one of those that jump out of bed in the middle of the night to execute an idea I had a dream about.

Society 414 - What makes your Ten23 Designs different from other decor vendors?

Lauren - ME! God gave me my vision and it is my responsibility to let my light shine and glorify Him. He gave me my gift. I truly believe that His personal backing is what lives in me and through my art and makes what I have to offer special and unique.

Society 414 - What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Lauren - When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my family doing things that make us laugh, sewing, baking with my daughter (much more fun than baking with my son because he is very serious in the kitchen and she goofs off), crafting, riding roller coasters, Pinning (isn't that kind of sad? There is just something about it thought...), swinging in my hammock under the pecan trees, walking on the shore of a beach, thinking of home improvement projects for me to start and my husband to finish (I never mean for it to be like that but hey... it is what it is), watching my son play baseball, as a matter of fact... cheering my son on for anything. *sings* These are a few of my favorite things...

Society 414 - What would be your ideal date night?

Lauren - I would totally have to turn to Society 414 for that. My husband and I recently had our first night alone with no children home and couldn't figure out what to do... and somehow he ended up with a new TV that night so I really need to figure out some date night ideas that don't land us in the electronic store again. On another note... my first thought of a response when I read this question was our family movie nights with PJs, popcorn and pizza. As much as I love my family time, my husband and I could really use a real date night.

We loved working with Ten 23 Designs and having them as a part of Society 414's Fresh Launch event in June. Lauren Atwaters' custom works of art are unique and gorgeous and will help take your event to the next level!

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