Vendor Spotlight: Papered Wonders

Papered Wonders assisted with our Society 414 Fresh Launch Event by providing us with stunning stationery including invitations and menu cards. The dynamic duo behind Papered Wonders has been creating custom invitations and favors for almost 20 years. Read our interview below to learn more about this power team!

Tell us about your art. What products do you offer?
We are a specialty design and print studio that provides custom stationery for every celebration. We provide business collateral as well as stationery for birthday parties, baby showers, retirement parties, etc. Our specialty is custom wedding stationery. We take great pleasure in transforming the bride's papered dreams into papered realities. We seek to include the essence of every individual into the stationery we provide for them. Everyday, it is our goal to create purely wondrous inspiration!


When did you start your company, and why?
We began our company as a part-time entity in 1995, providing birthday invitations and favors for our family and close friends. We started serving full-time in 2001 and for thirteen years, we have been honored to serve numerous individuals and businesses. We have created long lasting relationships and our stationery has been a part of countless celebrations. We feel that every milestone in life deserves great paper and it is our mission to do just that.

What do you think you do best?
Although we take great pride in our work, we think we are best at serving. We pay close attention to the desires of our client and first priority is to provide them with an unmatched experience. As seek to reach this goal, our best work emerges. When we allow the client to be our primary source of inspiration, we are able to create incomparable "papered wonders".

What 3 words best describe your company?
Purely Wondrous Inspiration

Who and/or what inspires you?
We love colors, patterns, artistic expression and creative avenues; however, our greatest inspiration is our client. Each client provides us with the inspiration needed to create papered wonders for their specific need.

What makes your business different?
We believe that our service makes us different. The custom design process affords us the opportunity to work closely with the client and during that interaction, we seek to provide unmatched customer service in order to provide them with a "wonder"ful experience.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
When we are not working, we enjoy finding sources of inspiration which includes reading, traveling and shopping! We also enjoy serving in various ministries in church and spending quality time with family and friends.

What would be your ideal date night?
An ideal date night would include an exquisite culinary experience coupled with an extraordinary adventure such as a helicopter ride over the city or a spontaneous activity such as climbing to the top of Stone Mountain to view the sunset. On an ideal date, the possibilities would be endless!

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