Vendor Spotlight: Nuage Designs

One of the most fun elements of event decor and design is linen. Linens can be completely customized to match any theme or color palette and really help to bring your design to life. At our Fresh Launch event we used gold sequined linens from Nuage Designs, Inc. These specialty linens tied together our theme and look and provided a beautiful backdrop for our dinner. Keep reading to learn more about Nuage Designs Inc.

Eleanor Simmons is the Atlanta account executive for Nuage Designs Inc. She can help you find the perfect linen for any occasion or event! Read our interview with Eleanor below, to learn more about her and Nuage.

Society 414 - Tell us about Nuage Designs Inc.
Eleanor - Nuage Designs is a couture linen & furniture rental company serving the special events industry. Our innovative rental solutions consist of lounges in unique colors, exclusive prints, textures and styles, along with specialty table linens in an array of innovative fabrics. The flexibility and scope of our inventory allows designers to create distinctive environments of any size. We also offer design services to help you create floor plans and coordinate style options, as well as custom linen design services to create linens & accessories that are unique to you.

Society 414 - What do you think you do best?
Eleanor - We are the best at providing unique luxury rental solutions for clients seeking decor elements that will set their event apart.

Society 414 - What 3 words best describe Nuage Designs?
Eleanor - Luxury, Style, Design

Society 414 - Who and/or what inspires you?
Eleanor - Floral designers, fashion designers, nature, history, and my loved ones.

Society 414 - What makes Nuage different from other rental companies?
Eleanor - We offer extremely personalized service. Although we have three East coast locations and serve clients around the world, we are truly a boutique-style linen & furniture company that works closely with our clients to provide the right solutions for each event.

Society 414 - What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
Eleanor - Cooking, playing with my dog, exercising or spending time outside, traveling, and drinking lots of coffee.

What would be your ideal date night?
Eleanor - Any experience that provides entertainment or activity but also allows for one-on-one connection with my partner. Some of my favorite dates have been comedy shows, shopping trips at Whole Foods, or a hike-to-picnic.

We love working with Eleanor to find the perfect Nuage linen for any event. To learn more about Nuage Designs, visit their website or check them out on Facebook.