Introducing Society 414

Are you tired of trying to plan fun and exciting date nights? Finding new restaurants, new bars, and new movies can be exhausting. You deserve an incredible night out to take your mind off of work, kids and everyday life. Introducing Society 414 - a cure for the common date night.


Michelle Gainey of Lemiga Events and Liana Hall of Wares & Notions are combining their creative vision, talent, and resources to bring you Society 414 Curated Date Nights. Each event consists of 4 Elements, 1 Key, and 4 Featured Artists.

The 4 Elements-

No two Society 414 Date Nights will ever be the same, so each time you sign up you are in for a surprise! You may enjoy a seated dinner with interactive fine dining stations, or dinner, drinks and dancing under the stars.

What you can expect are 4 Elements for each event. Each event will have a secret location, a styled environment, inspired cuisine, and the ultimate entertainment experience.

1 Key -

Each event will have 1 Key; the Key is the main inspiration for the event.  It may be a poem, painting, film, or feeling. The unique thing about the key is that you may not necessarily know what it is, or what experience it unlocks, until you arrive and participate in the event. One thing is guaranteed - no single key will ever be repeated.

The 4 Artists - 

Society 414 incorporates 4 local artists who are true leaders in their field of expertise. The artists are hand picked for each event based on the quality and caliber of the work, and their knowledge, passion and determination for their craft. Each event prominently features the 4 Artists throughout the event.

Society 414 is here to help take the pressure and planning out of date nights. All you need to do is purchase a ticket and arrive hungry, thirsty and ready for a night of innovative and interactive fun. If you are ready to elevate your date night experience, come and experience all that Society 414 has to offer.

Tickets for our next date night on August 8th are on sale now!

Stay tuned to our blog for additional information and features of our artists, event recaps, and announcements.